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Why travelcraft.gr

In the Internet era we are living in, there are numerous active travel portals worldwide. Each one represents a business that employs people who offer services through use of new technologies. The question is how many of those portals are legitimate. How many of them are accredited by the local and international organisations? How many of them have the knowledge and the experience to offer high quality travel services? How many of them are technologically fully equipped? How many of them are easily accessible in case you need help? How many of them are capable to assist you in times of crises?

The answer is “enough” but not all of them. In order to avoid unpleasant situations, we all wish to complete our transaction after having answered the above questions. Travelcraft.gr has invested in infrastructures and human resources and has obtained all the necessary licenses and accreditations in order to provide you with a wide range of full travel services.

In particular:

  • Travelcraft.gr is legally licensed by G.N.T.O. since 2003. Attention! All travel portals need to have their license number on their home page.
  • Travelcraft.gr is a member of HATA (Hellenic Association of Travel Agents).
  • Its customer service staff is fully trained and highly experienced on travel services thus providing the best possible care for the clientele of travelcraft.gr.
  • Its state of the art equipment is supported by a fully trained team of engineers providing us with better results, quicker respond time and constant upgrade to more advanced systems.
  • By having acquired all the necessary security certificates and by using the transactions’ systems of big Hellenic banks, travelcraft.gr provides its customers a safe transactions environment and the protection of their personal data.
  • Travelcraft.gr, through partnerships with most of the biggest ferry lines of Greece, covers 98% of domestic and Adriatic itineraries.
  • All travel products offered by travelcraft.gr are supported by the most renowned suppliers thus obtaining the lowest market prices.


There is no better guaranty for the travelcraft.gr services than the long lasting relationship between its staff and its dedicated customers.